TEMA: ODroid X makes my smart TV freez

ODroid X makes my smart TV freez 1 año 3 meses antes #1008

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When i connect and turn on my Odroid-x my Samsung smart tv start to act funny. It seam to do something to the tv, same with the samsung blu-ray player. I have tried to connect it to the blueray player. but it start to act strange also. It freze, and are very slow. The problem started when i got a new tv. But i could see some strange thing before. F.ex that the player did not turn of when i turn of the tv (Samsung CEC, Anynet+) So it seams like it disable it. So what my question is, is their some sw that makes it do that. I have the first release of Kitkat for Odroid x. Or is it a HW thing. f.ex grounding or a setting that does the CEC act strang and makes the tv freez?

Please help.

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